Tenant Screening

Reduce the risk of income loss and fraud by Tenant Screening.

At A1 Property Letting (UK) Ltd we are committed to ensuring our landlords investments are not at risk. It is therefore essential that credit checks are carried out on each potential tenant.

Whether A1 Property Letting (UK) Ltd is responsible for the management of your property, or you are a private landlord seeking further tenant information, please contact your local office for more information on our tenant checking services.

The Importance of a Tenant Credit Check

Potential tenants may provide their own information, but you have no way of knowing if that information is accurate or if tenants have omitted important details unless you run a tenant credit check. Financial considerations are one of the few reasons you can deny tenants housing under the Fair Housing Laws, so running a tenant credit check gives you grounds to make a decision on whether to rent to a tenant. If a tenant has a pattern of missed payments and a poor credit score, you may want to consider charging a higher deposit, requiring a co-signer or finding another tenant.

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