We are fully licenced with Rent Smart Wales.

Here's how it works

Once we have found you a suitable property, A1 Property Letting (UK) Ltd will put your details forward to the landlord for consideration.
The landlords decision will be based upon the information provided by you the tenant.
You will therefore at this point be asked to provide the following: Identification / Proof of residency
All tenants must show proof of their current address.
Only the following forms of identification are accepted: Utility bill (less than 3 months old) Passport Full driving license (both parts) Council tax bill (less than 3 months old) Mobile phone bill (less than 3 months old)
Please note at least two of the above documents are required as a minimum. Photocopies of any documentation provided will be retained and stored for our records.


As soon as your offer has been accepted by the landlord, we will carry out a credit check, apply for references and draw up the relevant documentation which will form the basis of the agreement between you and the landlord. Before references can be carried out a none refundable fee per tenant will apply. Guarantors may also be required in some cases.


Student ID will be adequate for proof of identity. Guarantors will have to provide proof of residency.


In the event that a tenant requires a Guarantor, for example a failed credit check or affordability check, the chosen Guarantor will be asked to complete the relevant documents, supply Identification and complete a credit check.

The Guarantor(s) will indemnify the Landlord(s) in respect of any losses incurred by the Landlord(s) as a result of any breach of the terms of the Tenancy Agreement on the part of the Tenant(s) including but not, limited to, reasonable legal costs in taking anyone who is involved in this agreement to court to get a court order for getting possession of the property, unpaid rent or damage.  In such case the Guarantor(s) will pay the losses lawfully due to the Landlord(s) as soon as we send the Guarantor(s) a demand.

Potential Charges during a tenancy

  1. VAT is charged
  2. Lockout charge (daytime) - £25
  3. Out of hours call out/Lock out charge - £50.00
  4. Returned cheque / Standing Order - £20.00
  5. Section 8 - £35.00
  6. Tenant non-response visit to Notice - £60.00
  7. Landlord visit as believe property abandoned - £60.00
  8. Late payment after 7 days - £25.00
  9. Late payment after 14 days - interest is charged at 5% per annum, calculated on a daily basis.
  10. Holding Deposit taken is to the value of one weeks rent.
  11. Security Deposit will not exceed the value of 5 weeks rent.
  12. Changes/amendments to tenancy - £50
  13. Signed letters to professional bodies - £25
  14. Deposit disputes - £125
  15. Remortgage administration - £25
  16. HMO Application - £150